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    Bridges at Broadmoor.

    My inspiration today was the first class in my beginner series, there were only a few people but they illuminated like 50 and i was so honoured that they attended and i am really looking forward to next week because i plan on making the "Classic India Spice Chai". This is exciting because it gives me that soothing comfort that i was able to take part in. The two new students that attended were very experienced and i was enlightened by their illumination in the class.

    I also has one of my teachers from another group to come out and support me and she brought her daughter which was an enlighten surprise, But i really couldn't have asked for a better group for the first night of my beginner series so tonight my thoughts are"Becareful what you water your dreams with. Water then with worry and fear and you will get weeds that choke the life out of your dreams.Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success." (LAO TZU c.604-c.531BCE) CHINA


    "Do not dwell on the past,do not dream of the future,concentrate the mind on the present moment"(The Buddha c.563- c.483B.C.E)